Better than Renting

Why rent? Call it yours with EcoSun Homes.

EcoSun - It’s Better when it’s Yours

More and more people are embracing energy-efficient home features, which is why renewable energy, like solar power, is raising the property value in the real estate market. It comes as no surprise that solar-powered homes return on investment (ROI) is high and stable.


A recent study showed that solar-powered home value is 4.1% higher than the average home.


EcoSun Homes offers flexible financing for a quality eco-friendly smart home. EcoSun Homes is disrupting the home industry and making the American dream of homeownership a reality for everyone.

Better than Renting

Why rent when you can own a new, smart home for less? Great amenities, thoughtful design, and monthly payments starting in the $900’s make owning an EcoSun Home is a smart choice. EcoSun Homes are equipped with top-of-the-line smart features to help reduce expenses and provide comfort, all while creating new memories during endless hours of fun-family-time.


There’s smart home automation and an energy-efficient package with money-saving benefits up to thousands of dollars per year. Forget about renting, start living the dream in a brand-new home that’s yours. Imagine your private master en suite; basking in relaxation with the soothing scent of lavender bath-salts dissolving in the warm water.

Homeownership into a Reality

EcoSun Home focuses on the everyday Americans. Earning a combined household income of $40,000 means it’s possible to own a sustainable home with premium features. EcoSun Home offers flexible financing options designed for the potential homebuyers’ necessities, like the Rent-to-Own Program. EcoSun Homes have premium money-saving features, helping homeowners to save thousands on utilities and energy tax credits!

  • Household Income

    EcoSun Homes focuses on everyday Americans. While we provide high-quality homes, a household income of $40,000 per year is generally a standard qualifying factor in home ownership.

  • Rent-to-Own Program

    Our lending partners offer credit repair programs designed for potential homeowners who need a little boost with their credit.

  • Saving

    EcoSun Homes will save you about $200 per month on utilities! What would you do with an extra $2,400 a year? Or $24,000 in ten years? 72,000 in thirty years?

EcoSun Advantage

At EcoSun Homes, affordability doesn’t compromise the quality of an eco-friendly smart home. The EcoSun Advantage provides homeowners with premium, sustainable features in every standard home model.
The EcoSun Advantage includes:

  • Energy-Efficient Features

    Foam insulation, low-E windows, hybrid water heater, 16 SEER AC system are all included in every EcoSun Home.

  • Smart Home Automation

    Control key home features from the palm of your hand. Practical and easy for everyone!

  • Water Conservation

    EcoSun Homes are equipped with water fixtures which have achieved the EPA’s standard of excellence in water efficiency, helping you save money while keeping the planet green.

  • Renewable Energy

    Reduce pollution with our sophisticated solar-powered panel system. #EcoSunLiving helps to save the planet Earth!

Life Quality Improvement

EcoSun Homes financial advantage is making homeownership an available option. If you can pay rent, you can own a home. Here is how that can be your reality:

  • Tax Deduction

    You can deduce your federal taxes from using renewable solar energy.

  • Utility Costs

    From little-to-non-existent utility costs, homeowners can save around $200 per month!

Stop renting and start owning

Stop renting and start owning affordable smart-homes! To receive further information about EcoSun Homes thoughtful designs with superior value, please contact us today!

Our Benefits
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    Smart Home Automation

    EcoSun Smart Home design improves the comfort and the energy efficiency performance of your home.

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    Energy Efficiency

    Your EcoSun home takes advantage of the latest innovations in energy-efficient technology to lower both your monthly expenses and your carbon footprint.

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    Solar Powered Homes

    The future is bright: Aim for sustainability by reducing your carbon print along with your energy bill.